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Subconscious Restructuring® (SR®) is a program process and is NOT psychotherapy or psychiatry. The listing of specialties simply indicates a consistent improvement with clients who have been previously diagnosed in those areas.

No Diagnosis or Background History: The SR® Process is designed to address the single issue all human behavior has in common and this is the emotional state of the client. Therefore no background history or diagnosis is needed, nor will an SR® Counselor or Coach ask for background history or engage in the diagnosis of a client. Should a client volunteer information to assist in the progression of the SR® Process it will be held in the strictest of confidence unless otherwise compelled by law.

The Intent of SR® is to simply improve ones’ EQ (Emotional Intelligence) by first guiding you through the process of how an emotional state comes about from the nucleus of the subconscious. SR® then guides one through the process of how to interrupt, restructure and reprogram any emotional state and behavior which simply does not work.

The Results of SR® is an evidence-based process with a 20 year efficacy in regard to MDD, PTSD, suicide prevention, eating disorders, substance abuse, weight loss, relationships, ADHD, OCD, SQ and IQ.

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