Perception and understanding in a rational sense are conditioned by experience and teachings. Nothing is as it is perceived and everything is more complex than it appears. All events are connected with individual perceptions in a literal sense, and each person’s decisions or reactions influence the nature of the events on some level. All play a part in creating the whole. There is no separation. There are only levels of perception and awareness of connection.

Political actions occur because you want them to occur. Critical analyses cause the events you view to shift. Your observation of them changes the data by contributing your mental linkage. Your energy is activated knowingly as part of the complex network that makes up the physical event you think is separate from you. There is no outside event that is totally separate from you.  When you read criticism or what seems to be objective commentary, realize that the speaker’s mental link changes the nature of the energy manifested, as does yours when you connect to the idea.

I tell you this to point out that everyone is responsible for the use of their ideas, just as everyone determines the nature of the existence they are experiencing. Your difficulties are what you choose. Your delays are what you “will” to happen. Your achievements are what you give priority to. Your life is controlled by you, not someone outside.