Even the most ambiguous definition of a thought process cannot be misconstrued as an illness or disease yet this is exactly what has been done by big pharma in order to get approximately ten percent of the population in the US over the age of six on antidepressants.

Despite the fact, antidepressants can cause depression, suicidality, myocardial infarction (sudden death) along with over a thousand other contraindications including severe withdrawal symptoms they continue to be one of the most prescribed drugs in America.  

Does Depression PTSD or an Eating Disorder Require a Thought Process?

Most people will answer the above question with…”Well of course it does!” Why then has big pharma been able to sell us on bypassing the thought process and instead attack the symptom with dangerous pharmaceuticals?

They are able to do this by spending billions on advertising. Advertising which is inadvertently supported by the mental health industry. Not requiring measurable outcomes, which address the primary emotional issues of a disorder, leaves a scientific vacuum for anyone with enough money to sell anything they choose. This includes calling a thought process an illness or disease.  

In contrast, Subconscious Restructuring has produced measurable outcomes since its introduction into psychiatric care in 1990. We also require all of the coaches we train and certify to produce measurable outcomes at every session.

Distinguishing a Disease or Illness from a Thought Process

The absolute first step for anyone in an emotionally distressed state is to establish a baseline of his or her emotional state. If the numbers on the Emotional Measurement sheet do not improve the second most critical issue to look at is diet. What one eats can dramatically effect emotion as well as a multitude of other physiological responses. This goes far beyond just getting an upset stomach from eating something bad.

The Second Brain

When gut flora is out of balance because of Candida overgrowth or other issues, it can have a profound effect on emotion. The reason for this is the over one hundred million neurons in the gut. (Gut reference is in regard to the approximately nine-yard tube, which runs from the esophagus to the rectum.) This second brain as it is referred to communicates with the brain between ears and when it is off havoc is wreaked. Without measuring emotion the process of finding the true cause of emotional distress be it a thought process or physiological process can at best be lengthy and at worst deadly.

About Kelly Burris, PhD, MBC

Kelly Burris has defined ‘Normal’ in an industry, that only defines broken or disordered. He is the developer of the empirically sound Subconscious Restructuring process and founder of Burris Institute. With over 150 medical references Subconscious Restructuring represents a scientific breakthrough in mental health, and it has done this without meds, labels, or personal history.

As part of the Burris, ecosystem Subconscious Restructuring Practitioners can manage, track and interact with current and future clients after certification on BurrisConnect.com. This same ecosystem enables corporate, military, and educational entities to supervise and monitor the performance of their internal Subconscious Restructuring (mental health) infrastructure in the cloud. 

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