I sat behind the bullet proof glass at my newly cushy job with the Alberta Government in a Calgary court house as a judge's assistant, I found myself thinking..is this it?  Is this my life?  Everyday, from 9am-4:30pm, I will be here…"there has to be more" I thought…"there is more"…Then I would go home, which consisted of half hour train ride then a 45 minute drive in rush hour traffic (ewe), and find comfort and peace on my yoga mat.  It wasn't that I could (or can) contort my body into a pretzel, it WAS that I could connect with my breath, feel my heart beating and my body moving.  I would move away the stresses of the day and become one with my spirit…and think "ahhhh…yessss….THIS is what IT is about, this IS my life..right here, right now".  This "ah-ha" moment was back in 2005, when my interest of becoming a Yoga Teacher sparked and I began my studies in Yoga.  

A few years later, I had a consistent yoga and meditation practice..I had a few more legal courses under my belt, as well as forensic accounting and private investigation..however still in my heart, I yearned to teach and share yoga.

In 2007 I did it.  I quit my job and opened my own yoga studio (still running today - see www.yogadown.ca).  As I sit and write this blog, I am listening to the sounds of the Costa Rican jungle, where my husband (and fellow ex-legal begal and newly found fellow yogi) and my baby girl of 2 years relocated just about 1 month ago to pursue our joint dream of living in Costa Rica and opening a retreat centre.

Nearly everyone in our lives told us we were crazy, brought up the fears of schooling, health care, diseases - you name it, they "warned" us about it.  They warned us about things the did not even know about themselves - fear based.  We didn't listen - we still packed our 6000 square foot dream house that we built together, on land gifted from my beloved grandparents (who raised me on their farm) into 10 hockey bags and off we went!  It was a journey in itself from Calgary, Canada to San Jose, Costa Rica!

The moral of the story - NEVER STOP, NEVER QUIT.  Visualize where you want to be and it WILL happen, NEVER WAIVER.  You CAN do it.  If it is real in your heart it will be your reality.  

Blogging is fun!  I will write more soon.

Many blessings, follow you heart - always.

Love Hali.

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