There is so much of our internal dialogue or Self-talk that exists in the form of questions.  Our subconscious mind responds most powerfully to questions.  It always answers/responds to questions! Not necessarily right away, but it will respond resulting in feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.  It is the questions we ask ourselves that activates the subconscious and determines the direction of our thinking, emotions and our ultimate behaviors.  There are countless books, articles, and videos available now teaching various forms of "self-talk" and "affirmations" that address this critical mental technology of asking questions. Our Subconscious mind serves us perfectly by giving us powerful answers to the questions we ask ourselves. 

If we ask ourselves why we are not successful at something or why we always fail, it will give us volumes of reasons and also ensure that we continue to live and think in such a way to validate the premise of that question.  Yet if we change the question to How can I succeed?, or even, How have I become so successful?, or What do I need to do to...? it will give us volumes of reasons, information and guidance in that direction as well. These new technologies are worth investigating (I highly recommend SR).  When we understand the power of questions to unlock the power within us and redirect our subconscious mind, if applied,  we can literally transform our lives.  It is simply beautiful because it is beautifully simple.  I recommend ...QUIT! ...Questions Understood and Internalized Transform!!