There is only one entity to hold responsible for what happened at Camp Liberty and that is NIMH. The way mental health professionals treat patients’ trickles down from the National Institute of Mental Health. In a recent conversation with an NIMH official in regard to depression as the primary symptom for suicide, he stated: "It is not what we would call a strong risk factor." If depression is “Not a strong risk factor” for suicide will somebody please tell what is? This individual, by the way, is solely responsible for determining who will receive a scientific review in regard to effectively addressing the record-setting suicides in the Army.

The fundamental issue is NIMH is not asking the questions that will lead to a fix for this problem. If we can agree that someone who is contemplating killing themselves or someone else is emotionally out of control the first question is “What brings about an emotional state?” Let me make addressing this question perfectly clear. What brings an emotional state about from the inside out not from the outside in?

NIMH and every mental health professional need to stop miring themselves down in ancient Freudian theoretical external observation and get to the core of the problem which is how each human being processes information from the beginning at the very core of the subconscious.

I do not often rant but this is a systemic problem that absolutely must and can be fixed if we start holding our mental health officials accountable and start demanding answers to questions that simply are not being posed in order to fix the problem. It is time the science we require from every other health entity start being applied to mental health.

About Kelly Burris, PhD, MBC

Kelly Burris has defined ‘Normal’ in an industry, that only defines broken or disordered. He is the developer of the empirically sound Subconscious Restructuring process and founder of Burris Institute. With over 150 medical references Subconscious Restructuring represents a scientific breakthrough in mental health, and it has done this without meds, labels, or personal history.

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