The "Who" rock and roll group made famous the observation, "No matter where you go, there you are"!  Many of us live a life of frustration, stress and worry because we are not living in the moment We have this deep inner feeling that we could do what we do so much better but don't know why we seem to be blocked or held back..  We are not "where we are"!  I would like to revisit the Tyranny of Time in a series of blogs that will assist you in obtaining what successful business owmers, athletes, world leaders and people of wisdom call "living in the zone" or living in a state of 'Flow'.

  At the core of much of our frustration and worry is the issue of Time/Place dissonance.  Time/Place dissonance can be defined as trying to be in two places at one time or be in two times at one place. Sometimes when we are pressed for time, our thoughts are on what we have to do next, the FUTURE, or what we have just finished doing, the PAST, all while we are doing something else in the PRESENT.  Our being, our mind, our energy is being divided between the present and some other time.  Have you ever been sitting in church and missed out on the spiritual experience because your thoughts, your mind was already on Monday morning and all the things you need to do. Have you ever been with friends and couldn't fully enjoy the experience because your thoughts are in the past reviewing and the argument you had earlier with your partner or spouse?  We miss out on so much when we live our lives divided. So often we are physically present but emotionally and mentally absent.   When my youngest son was 6 years old I had an experience that drove home for me the importance of this issue.  My son and I were sitting on the living room floor playing with Legos when suddenly he took my face in his two tiny hands, looked into my eyes and said, "Daddy, where are you?"  I was immediately pulled back into the present moment realizing my thoughts and attention were only partially there with my son.  The rest of my thoughts were thinking about some issues I needed to attend to the next day at work.   What a rip off for my little boy.  I was only partially present for our time together and was thus missing out on some tender and priceless moments.

Over the next few weeks, I will share with you tools for living in the moment.  When you learn how to live in the present, you experience a joy, power, and peace that is life-changing. The quality of your life becomes amazing!  Everything you do you do better because you no longer do it with half or one-third of your mind.  You live in The Zone, you operate in a state of Flow.

Join me on this Life Changing Journey!