Learn to Define Normal

Emotional Measurement™

You have already learned what "disorder" means. Does anyone tell you what a normal mind is?

Learn to define normal and you have a lifelong tool to determine Emotional Health (mental health).

To break the cycles of therapy and medication dependency and measure progress to desired outcomes.

Subconscious Restructuring™ is a system to benchmark normal, as the first step to rapidly creating measurable change.

Your Normal

Imagine basing Emotional Fitness (mental health) on evidence instead of a diagnosis.

Emotional Measurement™ gives your clients a personal yardstick to calibrate normal by setting parameters based on how normal feels to them.

They’re normal when they judge for themselves that their emotional state is under control, in accordance with their personal parameters.

This personal yardstick means you can both accurately record improvements because you know exactly where they’re starting from.

And progress gets defined through measurement.

Empower Your Clients - Knowledge is Empowering

And self-knowledge is extremely empowering, which is why normal gets defined by your client instead of by external observation or subjective standards.

Working through an Emotional Fitness™ Checklist, clients benchmark their feelings across 22 emotional touchpoints.
You give them tools and guidance but they work through the process themselves.

To arrive at what normal is for them.

How it works