The Maginot Line

Most of you that are consistent readers of my blog know I attempt to provide a positive and empowering approach to healing PTSD.  Providing insight “through a warrior’s eyes”, I think, can be beneficial for many of the motivated clients I work with.  By focusing on their Objectives, we work together using tools, encouragement, and reinforcement for the positive gains they make.   Along with the tools of Subconscious Restructuring®, together, we are achieving outstanding results!

Define the Moment

I wanted to take an opportunity to share something with my readers that I have encountered with several warriors I have recently worked with and Memorial Day seems the perfect vehicle to do that with.

Why Warrior?

I’ve received some recent inquiries from clients, specifically around the images of service members I use on Facebook, and how my coaching process applies to those that have not served in the military.

Some ask, “why warrior?” 

Others inquire, “Are you going to teach me to fight?”

Or “how can I accomplish more in my life if I am at war with someone?”

Counting Flash to Bang Time: Report 3

If you've been reading my last few posts, you know that we've been revealing some medical studies that demonstrate the prevalence of PTSD (a.k.a. adrenaline poisoning) in returning service men and women.  On a particular note, we have learned that the bulk of the symptoms in our combat-exposed warriors have a tendency to manifest 3-6 months after they return from the "combat box."