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Why Functional Emotional Fitness™?

In the future, mental health will address the root of each problem and measure outcomes at every session, which will eliminate the need for meds, labels or personal history. Functional Emotional Fitness™ (FEF™) is based on the mechanism of thought, emotion, and behavior and represents this future now.

Regardless of whether your issue is motivation and focus with a fitness and weight loss program or effectively addressing depression, anxiety (PTSD), addiction, bipolar disorder, ADHD, OCD or an eating disorder you must have tools that will enable you to take control of how you feel every day.

What Functional Emotional Fitness Measures

*Negative Self-Talk (Guilt)
*Eating Behavior
*Decision Making
*Hatred (Self-Others)
*Suicidal Ideation
*Love (The Emotional State)
*Motivation and Focus
*Relationship Satisfaction

The Brain in Your Gut

With over 500 million neurons (brain cells) lining the gut and bi-directional communication with the brain via the vagus nerve, gut health must not only be considered in Functional Emotional Fitness™ (mental health) but must also be measured.

We take a close look at the effect the gut has on everything from the central nervous system to thought, emotion, and behavior and how to correct this for the ultimate detox and personal transformation.