Subconscious Restructuring™ Centers

Burris Institute has implemented a  licensing program that enables businesses to integrate a Subconscious Restructuring™  Center into their current business. Visiting a business with a Subconscious Restructuring Center has many advantages.

  • Subconscious Restructuring Center will enable you to work with your SR™ Practitioner in office or online anywhere in the world. 
  • If your family physician has a subconscious Restructuring Center you will be able to effectively address behavioral health issues without being referred out. 
  • If your weight loss center has a Subconscious Restructuring Center you can feel confident you are addressing the most fundamental issue of weight control. 
  • If your psychiatric care facility has a Subconscious Restructuring Center you will be able to monitor your progress at every session.

We have just implemented this program and will list the Centers as they are licensed on this page.