Day 1: Defining Normal with Burris Emotional Measurement™

After completion of Day 1, you will understand how to define normal, know exactly how to implement a Functional Emotional Fitness™  session and how to get accurate numbers from your client every time. This will all be done on the website which will enable you to manage as well as measure, track and improve your clients' emotional state and objectives from anywhere in the world.

You will learn Emotional Measurement and the Functional Emotional Fitness™ Process from the perspective of both practitioner and client.

Day 2: Completing the Functional Emotional Fitness™ Process & Follow-Up

On Day 2 you will complete the Functional Emotional Fitness™ process, learn how to effectively follow-up to consistently improve your clients' numbers and how to successfully guide your client through difficult relationship issues. This will be followed by a review of the test to assure your competence in the Functional Emotional Fitness™ process. 

Day 3: Marketing & Legal

Physicians, psychologists psychiatrists, and corporations love our data collection process and have become a great resource for referrals. You will also learn about which social media tools are the best to stay connected to your clients and what the Burris Institute does to drive clients in your direction.

We will also discuss insurance and legal issues of being a Functional Emotional Fitness™ Practitioner.

Completing Your Burris FEF™ Certification

Unlike any other coaching or behavioral health entity, the foundation of Functional Emotional Fitness™  is an Emotional and Gut Health system of measurement used to benchmark normal. This system is used to complete your Functional Emotional Fitness™  Certification and you will need to put three clients through the Functional Emotional Fitness™ process with before and after data collection and one follow-up. 

After Training Support