All Training is done via Burris Connect and new FEF™ Practitioners are required to use their real first and last name. This differs from client accounts in that we encourage them NOT to use their real name as their username. On training day you will have two browser tabs open to accommodate your account at Burris Connect and one for will enable you to see the Master Burris Trainers computer and it will give you the option to use a landline or VoIP. A headset is required and there are links to the ones we recommend below. The VoIP option is a free call worldwide and there are 57 countries with direct dial in case you have issues with VoIP.

If you are considering a Functional Emotional Fitness™ Certification or if you have already registered, make an account at and use it to make sure everything works. If you use the VoIP option and it does not work during training you will need to call in with either a landline or cell phone.

Call Options & Headset Recommendations

You can view the video to the right to see how this Webinar software works. 

Landline: Call in using your home phone. The Panasonic is recommended.
VoIP: We recommend the Sennheiser headset



All FEF™ Practitioner Training is done via Burris Connect. Because of this, you will need a laptop computer for our live events unless supplied by the Master Burris Coach. 

Your  FEF™ Practitioner Guidelines

In your confirmation email, you will be sent a link to your FEF™ Practitioner Tools which you will need to set up for both mobile and print. Upon approval, you will need to immediately access your tools, open Folder C), and set up your FEF™ Practitioner Guidelines for Adults for both mobile and print.

 FEF™ Practitioner Guidelines for Mobile

There are two simple apps to set up on your mobile device to assure you have quick immediate access to your FEF™ Practitioner Guidelines and other tools at all times.

Adobe Reader for Android and iOS
The adobe reader gives you access to tabbed sections of your FEF™ Practitioner  Guidelines in the lower right corner.

Google Drive App for Android
Google Drive App for iOS
This app enables fast access to your FEF™ Practitioner  Tools on Google Drive.

FEF™ Practitioner Guidelines Printing Instructions

  • Print cover on glossy photo paper separately (Recommended)
  • Print on three-hole paper single sided
  • You will need an 8 Tab Set
  • Bind with 1" rings
  • Print from the last page to make sure the pages are in order when printing is finished

We feel it is important to always have a printed backup of your FEF™ Practitioner Guidelines.

All Functional Emotional Fitness™ Practitioner Training is done with the Adult version. There are however two other FEF™ Practitioner Guidelines for Warriors and Ages 9-17.